Ketamine Delivery

Ketamine Delivery, Patient Success and Ethics: How to Ensure the Best Outcome for Your Patients

May 11th, 2.30 PM EST

In this informative webinar, three psychiatrists active in the field of ketamine treatment will enlighten us with a discussion about the different settings,approaches and philosophies of treating with ketamine. The panelists will touch on important questions such as: Who are the relevant ketamine providers? How can we make ketamine treatment affordable for those in need? What are some different insurance reimbursement models involved with ketamine treatment? Is there a right or wrong way of treating? What should the screening and follow-up protocols be? Should medical professionals treating mental health issues also be actively trained in the mental health field? As ketamine treatment becomes more widely available, the answers to these questions and more can help relevant medical professionals provide their patients with the care that they deserve.

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