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Sex, PMS, Postpartum, and Menopause:
The Potential of Psychedelics & Ketamine in Women's Health

As the psychedelic therapeutic movement continues to take root, studies show that these medicines can have real and lasting benefits not only for mental and physical ailments, but also when it comes to normal lifecycle physiology. In this webinar, our interdisciplinary panel will take a closer look at psychedelics and ketamine treatment for women’s health.

Meet the Experts

Rachel Dalthorp MD

Rachel Dalthorp MD

Medical Director,Central Division/National Medical Lead


Kelsey Ramsden

Kelsey Ramsden

Co-Founder & CEO


Emeline Maillet Ph.D.

Emeline Maillet Ph.D.


Eastra Health Inc.

Alexia Copenhaver MD

Moderator: Alexia Copenhaver M.D.

Medical Director/Psychiatrist

Wesana Health