law roundtable

The Long, Winding Road: Legal Pathways Toward Psychedelic Access in the U.S.

Today’s medicinal psychedelic movement includes a colorful assortment of actors, factors, and legislative bodies that are sometimes hard to keep track of. Our diverse panel for this roundtable includes lawyers, legislators, and activists who’ve made successful inroads into various segments of the bustling and rapidly evolving psychedelic scene. We’ll unpack the most important current legal and regulatory issues and create some clarity with these multilevel categories, where things are today, and where they seem to be headed. Join us as we dive into the current standings and future of psychedelic legislature and regulation.

Meet the Experts

Kevin Matthews


Founder vote Nature

Kathryn Tucker

Kathryn Tucker

Special Counsel Emerge Law Group

Jeff Shipley

Jeff Shipley

State Representative Iowa House of Representatives

André Ourso

André Ourso

Administrator Center for Health Protection, Oregon

Brad Bartlett

Moderator Brad Bartlett, Esq.

Senior Legal Counsel / Founder Bartlett Law Practice LLC