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The Role of the Carer: Navigating the Mental Health Journey of a Loved One

Family members and close friends play a crucial role in caring for someone going through mental health issues – and it’s far from easy.
Carers aren’t usually experienced health practitioners, and supporting a loved one through this unpredictable and often volatile process can
carry its own emotional toll. How can they be as helpful as possible while maintaining their own life balance and mental health?
And how can clinicians and health care providers best instruct and utilize the carer as a valuable part of the treatment?
This panel will focus on building the therapist-carer relationship as a way to navigate and optimize patient healing – including orienting carers
to new and possibly unfamiliar mental health treatment modalities such as psychedelics.

Meet the Experts

Abid Nazeer

Abid K. Nazeer M.D., FASAM

Psychiatrist & Chief Medical Officer

Wesana Health

Ronisha Edwards-Elliott MSW, LSW.

Community Outreach Coordinator

NAMI Chicago

Jennifer Danby Msc

Jennifer Danby Msc

Systemic Psychotherapist (and Study Therapist)

Imperial College London


Adele Lafrance Ph.D.

Psychologist and Research Scientist

Moderator: Deborah Kaye

Director of Events