The Virtual Summit took place online over 2 days in May. More than 1,400 people from 20+ countries joined the live Crowdcast broadcast to learn, debate and share; suddenly the PsyTech community was born. 

With nearly 12 hours of expert presentations and community debate, you can access the complete recording on Crowdcast. You’ll find the schedule in the upper left corner, select any session to view it.  

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Q&A with Rick Doblin, MAPS

Christian Angermayer, ATAI

Dr. Mark Braunstein

Matthew Johnson from Johns Hopkins

Keren Tzarfaty of The Hakomi Institute

JR Rahn, MindMed

Mendel Kaelen, Wavepath

Leo Raderman, Sonic Shamanic

Anne Philippi

Shlomi Raz, Eulisis