The Psychedelic Renaissance and its Origins in Cannabis

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“The world of cannabis and the world of psychedelics started to intersect for me six months ago”, says Saul Kaye, founder of Cannatech. “Many people who are in the cannabis industry, particularly early investors and some of the cannabis researchers, started talking about the psychedelic revolution.”

psychedelic renaissance
Mushrooms were recently decriminalized in Colorado and cities in California

At the same time, decriminalization is happening in Colorado and California, with potential legalization in Canada, and groundbreaking research being done in Israel. My networks had started to connect. 

Today there’s an energy I’ve tapped into in psychedelics; since seeing cannabis from a very early stage, and being at the forefront of that industry with messaging and communications, I see something similar happening in psychedelics and that really excites me. 

Like cannabis, I’d only considered psychedelics as recreational. My exposure to psychedelics was LSD, some illegal ketamine, and truffles on sale in Amsterdam. That was the extent of what I knew about psychedelics. Yet, with recent developments in legislation, regulation, and science, I’m seeing that these molecules offer relief into the deep problems that we have in mental illness.

The psychedelic renaissance is happening right now. We’re seeing it in the mainstream media, and across social media. People are engaged in how psychedelics can help them with their mental health or with their regular wellness regime.

That’s another promising way to think about psychedelics: how do we treat people who are well? How do we treat people who feel good every day but want to feel better? The worlds of psychedelics and cannabis, in that way, are on the same pathway: botanical medicine that can provide solutions that we haven’t ever found in single-molecule pharmaceutical drugs. 

There’s a global consumer shift toward natural, holistic medicine, which includes mushrooms and substances like ibogaine and ayahuasca. And that, for me, was the trigger – psychedelics are going to be a big segment of the pharmaceutical wellness market. The experience of cannabis as a whole plant medicine being released to the population should provide us with a framework for getting mushrooms, ibogaine, ayahuasca, and other plant-based medicines into a regulatory framework.

So the next natural step for me was to create a PsyTech Summit. Modeled on CannaTech, the PsyTech Summit is an international gathering that will be held in Tel Aviv March 29 – 30. At the Summit the world’s leading psychedelic medicine experts and researchers will come together to have a global conversation about psychedelics in a post-prohibition environment.

Please join us at our inaugural PsyTech Summit where MAPS founder Rick Doblin is the keynote speaker. This is an opportunity to get in on the potential of the psychedelic medicine renaissance; you’ll hear from Israeli and international researchers on their cutting-edge studies and network with entrepreneurs and innovators who are tapped into the growing movement.

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