Webinar Replay: Legal Pathways Toward Psychedelic Access in the U.S.A

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Professional athletes, veterans and researchers discuss growing evidence that psychedelics can be a game-changer for all forms of mental health.
In this panel our moderator: Grace Blest-Hopley, Ph.D. Research Director at Heroic Hearts Project UK, leads the discussion on the exciting and groundbreaking research that shows how psychedelic therapies are changing the way we head trauma. Our panel, which includes Jesse Gould, Founder and President of Heroic Hearts Project; Daniel Carcillo, ex-NHL player and Founder of Wesana Health; and Adam Bramlage, Founder and CEO of Flow State Micro. This is a wide-ranging conversation from those who have experienced the negative effects of TBI firsthand, as well as the positive effects psychedelics have had in treating them.
Combat veterans and professional athletes face different battles in their professional lives, but often have certain lingering effects in common. Many suffer from agonizing invisible scars that don’t easily heal, and can actually worsen long after the precipitating event or events. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) affect both groups, and conventional medicine long ago reached its limits. In this panel, we’ll hear about how psychedelic-assisted therapies are providing long-awaited relief to both the veteran and athletic communities.

Meet the Experts

Kevin Matthews


Founder vote Nature

Kathryn Tucker

Kathryn Tucker

Special Counsel Emerge Law Group

Jeff Shipley

Jeff Shipley

State Representative Iowa House of Representatives

André Ourso

André Ourso

Administrator Center for Health Protection, Oregon

Brad Bartlett

Moderator Brad Bartlett, Esq.

Senior Legal Counsel / Founder Bartlett Law Practice LLC

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