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We believe that psychedelics have the potential to change the way we treat a wide array of mental health issues. To that end, PsyTech is building a vibrant brand that lives at the intersection of clinical therapy, software solutions and community — all designed to explore psychedelic health and wellness, combat stigma, treat patients and accelerate innovation. Empowered by the advancement of groundbreaking clinical research, we foster and steer innovation in psychedelics to serve the greater good.

 Psychedelics, used responsibly and with proper caution, would be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology, or the telescope is for astronomy” –  Stanislav Grof, Psychiatrist, Founding Father of Psychedelic Science



Through our Tovana brand, PsyTech is launching a chain of integrated psychiatric clinics across the United States. We are also developing a clinical software tool that helps clinicians integrate the latest in wearable and data collecting technologies.

Tovana Clinics

Dedicated to a new paradigm in mental health, Tovana Clinics are bringing psychedelic therapies into the mainstream. Our branded chain of integrated mental health clinics lie at the cutting edge of psychedelic therapy and act as the development and luminary sites for Tovana Solutions. 

Features of Tovana Clinics:

  • Best-in-class integrated mental health clinics incorporating psychedelics 
  • Delivering best practices and responsible psychedelic therapy
  • Providing supervised on-site delivery of medicine (ketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, etc.), supported by on-site and remote therapy teams

Tovana Solutions: 

Our clinical software tools are developed specifically for mental health practices that streamline the adoption of psychedelic therapies and integrative patient care. We are providing clinicians with the tools they need to help track, monitor and treat their patients efficiently and effectively.

Tovana provides therapists and patients the most data-rich information, simply presented, to track and adapt progress for psychedelic- assisted therapy, in order to achieve:

    • Deeper insight and more efficiency for the therapist
    • Deeper insight and better outcomes for the patient 
    • Deeper insight through groundbreaking data for the researcher

PsyTech Education: Online Courses

 Psychedelic-assisted therapy has the potential to revolutionize mental healthcare. We believe the greatest barriers to this revolution are stigma and misinformation. We also believe that education is the most powerful tool to combat those barriers.

In service to this mission, we have collated the highly compelling evidence-based data emerging from psychedelic science to create “Beyond Stigma: The Fundamentals of Psychedelic Medicine” online course.

PsyTech Community

In support of Tovana, PsyTech has established a potent and respected marketing platform. We are the premier destination for content, roundtables and research-oriented discussions on the cutting edge of psychedelic therapies. Through our portal, webinar series, and benchmark-setting global summits, we engage the highest levels of psychedelic researchers, investors and thought leaders across the psychedelic medical community.


In 1971, psychedelics were classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States, shutting down all the promising research that had been conducted since the late 1940s. Recently, psychedelics have re-emerged and are experiencing a radical renaissance as their potential to treat a wide variety of health conditions is being recognized. Today, patients, physicians, and research scientists are expressing an urgency in accelerating psychedelic medicine to its full potential. It is this urgency that inspired the creation of PsyTech.

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